I’m just looking, I’m not buying

Aren’t they beautiful?

The first time I saw this display in an All Saints store, you could’ve knocked me over with a reel of cotton.  How did they manage to get that many?  (The top photo only shows about a third of the display).  Are sewing machines, like, cool now?  Would they let me have one?

I was in Bluewater last week, and walked past yet again.  This time, being a good little blogger, I had my camera with me and snapped away… while Mr B avoided being associated with me by looking intently at watches in the shop opposite.

One of my usual shopping hits is the haberdashery department at John Lewis, where I wander round stroking all the fabrics (again, friends and relatives tend to pretend they don’t know me) but not this time.  Ladies and gentleman, I think I have been cured by the Walthamstow shopping frenzy some weeks ago.  There’s just no going back after scoring a 22″ zip for 40p at a market stall.

So instead, I indulged both my sweet tooth and interest in interiors at the Cocoa House (I was trying to be surreptitious, so photos are not the best quality.  I was also a little bit high on espresso.)

And… a wall of teacups!  Totally feeding my growing Alice in Wonderland obsession:

Now, just have to convince Mr B to let me do the same to our front room…

4 thoughts on “I’m just looking, I’m not buying

  1. What I don’t understand is that loads of the All Saints stores have that many sewing machines in the window! I can only assume there is a Singer mine somewhere.

    An auction in my hometown had one of these machines up for auction, but unfortunately I went with my Mum who has the old adage of ‘Do you really need that?’ when shopping, so I let her talk me out of bidding for it. Now I just feel sad when I walk past those displays!

  2. The sad thing about all those sewing machines is that store is part of a chain – I have seen stores in Brighton and Nottinghill with the same mass grave of sewing machines, it looks great but I find it sad that they are no longer being used and loved…
    Love the wall of cups though! I want one too

  3. I know, similar thoughts did go through my head (and Steph, I love the idea of a Singer mine!). It is quite bizarre that sewing machines have turned into some sort of fashionable look. I’m hoping that when they move on to their next display idea, they’ll auction off all the captive Singers and release them back into the world for the likes of us.

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