“I’d just like to thank….”

Appropriately enough, I have three thankyous to make just as the 2011 Oscars kick off  tonight.  It’s a long old speech, but you’ll be glad to know that at no point will there be any incoherent sobbing, and I haven’t been practising with a hairbrush as a pretend microphone.  Here we go!

The first one goes jointly to Carly Makes Stuff and Scruffy Badger for nominating me as a Stylish Blogger!  Thankyou both!

So I think the deal is that I’m supposed to give 7 facts about me and then nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.  It was actually pretty tricky coming up with that many facts, so they do get fairly random:

1.  I am terribly messy.  I’m sure, somewhere inside me, there’s a tidy person trying to get out, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Fortunately my husband is also on the mess spectrum, so it doesn’t cause too many fights.

2.  I am scared of spiders (very common) and of tomato ketchup (less common).  I like tomatoes in any other form, but ketchup freaks me out.  Is it the smell?  The texture?  I don’t know, but just keep it away.

3.  I love to read, anything and everything, but I currently have a bit of a thing for, ahem, historical biographies.  Sorry.

4.  I have a very vivid imagination.  When I was about 7, I thought that Jack the Ripper lived under my bed.   I haven’t been able to watch horror films since I was about 15 (and am getting increasingly worse at watching sad ones). 

5.  I sewed my own wedding dress, which I sort of made up as I went along (although it’s the only thing I’ve ever made a toile for).  I do look back and shake my head at some of the sewing techniques.  Older and wiser!

6.  My party trick is making cocktails – you can’t beat a good cosmopolitan.

7.  I once won a quid from a random stranger at a beer festival for eating a spoonful of mint sauce, and am strangely proud of it.

Phew!  On to the nominees (not knowingly already nominated).  In no particular order…

Onwards!  The second thankyou is to Tilly for featuring one of my projects on her latest Friday Finds feature.  Thanks again Tilly!

And finally, the third is actually for one of my birthday presents, but I’m adding it on here as it’s sewing-related.  Thankyou Koodle for this beautiful book:

I couldn’t put it down.  The stuff Mary Adams does with colour and texture is simply inspirational.  If you’re not into overly feminine dresses, this book will a) make you want to be, and b) give you some fab ideas to incorporate into simpler projects.  If you are into the girly look, you may just cry tears of pure joy.

Have a good evening everyone… Let’s go and check out all those  beautiful dresses from the red carpet!

7 thoughts on ““I’d just like to thank….”

  1. Wow, can’t believe you sewed your own wedding dress, that’s brave! I think you should post it on here (if you want to that is…don’t mean to be bossy!). xx

  2. Aww thank you for the nomination, you’re very kind! I don’t do awards on my site but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the sentiment. 🙂

  3. Thanks Amy! That’s awfully kind of you – I did one of these a while back but I think I’ll do another 7 facts soon 🙂 Oh, and like you I absolutely HATE tomato ketchup. I can’t stand the smell of it. I think it’s the fact that it’s both sugary and vinegary (I don’t like sweet and sour sauce for the same reason) Either way – YUCKSVILLE.

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