I joined the Pendrell party!

Thankyou everyone who voted for me in the Spring Sewalong yesterday!  As promised, here is a post with a bit of substance after all that begging for votes!

I’m sure you’ve all seen hundreds of Pendrells by now.  So have I… and to be honest, my first impressions were pretty lukewarm.  But you wily sewists have slowly won me round, and I finally gave in and ordered when I saw Karen’s 3rd version.

The fabric is a mystery miracle polyester I bought a couple of summers ago.  It’s hard to see from here, but it’s a pattern of little spots in happy colours – pink, lime and aqua.  It was a total nightmare to sew: it’s light and drapey but strangely tough to sew through; it slithers and stretches all over the place even when it’s pinned; and it frays as soon as you look away.  But, once sewn into submission, it’s a revelation!  It dries incredibly quickly, and doesn’t need ironing (in fact, can’t be ironed – another reason I had to grit my teeth through the construction).  I’m going to be wearing this more or less constantly through Me Made June…

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