Giveaway: Creative Spaces

I got halfway through a rather long post involving another book review, some recent charity shop finds, and a request for creative advice, all to the tune of what sounds like my neighbour using a pnuematic drill through the wall (seriously, it’s a bewildering sound – to start with I thought she might be putting up a few shelves, but we’re now over an hour in…??)

And I hadn’t even got to the results of last week’s giveaway, so: two posts it shall be.  Or possibly three.  If my house doesn’t collapse in the meantime.

Thankyou to those who commented – I really enjoyed having a look at your creative spaces!  Debi’s looks suitably elegantly vintage; Anna has given me stash envy; and Melizza’s is so well organized, it’s numbered.   As only two people were interested in the book, I hope you don’t mind but I went low-tech and flipped a coin.  Heads for the first commenter and tails for the second…



Heads! So it goes to Debi, who said:

“ooohhh! count me in!! I love sewing creative spaces as well and since I just moved, am in the process of creating a new space!!”

Hope the book inspires you Debi!

3 thoughts on “Giveaway: Creative Spaces

    • Lol, thanks Melizza – sorry it didn’t flip in your favour! I’m planning lots more book giveaways this year though!

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