Four simple goals and a sewlution

4 Simple Goals (by A Beautiful Mess)

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess (picture above used with permission), here are mine for 2013, with a photo of the beautiful day I woke up to this morning:

  1. Draw more:  I recently came across all my old sketchbooks from school, and remembered how absorbing it used to be.  Plus, my arty friend bought me Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques for Christmas, and I can’t wait to have a try.
  2. Plan well to eat well:  I actually enjoy eating and cooking healthily, but too often end up with pre-fab supermarket meals… because I haven’t got the right ingredients, or I can’t be bothered to cook from scratch.  Whenever I have managed to plan ahead, it’s been easier, cheaper, and healthier all round.
  3. Sew for my home:  Living in a rented apartment means I can’t do much to the walls, but there’s so much that could be added with textiles.  I’ve made plenty of cushions, napkins and such for other people, but never for myself -why?  The other day, I was contemplating buying some table runners until I worked out that’s surely one of the easiest things to sew of all time.  So in 2013 I’ll be making cushions, table runners, and maybe turning my hand to a bit of upholstery…
  4. Streamline my possessions:  Oh I have so much stuff.  Too much stuff.  I feel laden down with it all.  Our spare room is still box city.  And my fabric stash is currently taking up a third of our available storage space. Oops. So I will be thoroughly picking through, sorting out, and moving things on. 

Finally, I’m throwing something specific into Karen’s 2013 Jar Of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is with my plan to create The Ultimate Bag… 

(Current unsatisfactory bag situation.)

I’m tired of bags which almost but not quite manage the job of containing my various day-to-day stuff.  I have to tote a lot of things around for work (used a suitcase at one point).  And then I use the same handbag at the weekend, leaving out my work keys / memory sticks / stationery, and only remember when I can’t get in to the office on Monday morning.  So! The Ultimate Bag (I think of it with capitals) will be carefully designed to meet these needs, while looking professional AND stylish.  And I have to do it, or Karen might name and shame me next December.

Are you looking forward to getting stuck into 2013?

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