Fabric says sew.

Sometimes, a particular fabric tells you pretty clearly what to do with it – it bosses you around about design, pattern choice, other fabrics, everything.  This one even reminded me how expensive it was (trying to be more financially responsible, I only bought a quarter of a metre) and how that meant I’d better use it wisely.

I know bunting is pretty ubiquitous these days, but I think this fabric manages to freshen it up with those scallops and little shots of bright bold colour.  And yes, I know that big smiley face on the selvedge means it’s for kids.  (But it’s spring time, and I’m feeling childish.)

First, the bunting fabric demanded the ‘Chloe’ dress by Victory Patterns – I remembered seeing a make by Lizz over at the Sew Weekly, showing the potential for showcasing a special fabric on those sleeve and pocket welt pieces.  So far, fairly subtle.  But by then my mind was pinging along a bunting train of thought, and I got to thinking about these little bags:

I had so much fun with the technique (the stitching’s supposed to be a bit scribbly and freehand) and now I come to realise it, I’ve perhaps been quietly looking out for another project to try it with.  I scaled up the proportions of the fabric bunting triangles (2/8″ by 3/8″) to get a big bunting triangle template (2″ by 3″), and got thrifty with my fabric stash to find similar colours:

Ironed a bit of interfacing on the back, arranged them around the neckline, and happily meandered around them with slightly wonky stitching:

Then bias binding round the neckline (unintentionally wonky, but I’m rolling with it). I’m chuffed with the way the big bunting overlaps the sleeves!

When the fabric says so, it’s best to go with it, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Fabric says sew.

  1. Hi I’m loving this dress and the bunting fabric,so much that I have just purchased the pattern. I assume you managed to get all the contrast out of just a quarter of a metre of fabric as I see the pattern says 1/2. Also did u get a 1/4 or a fat 1/4? It’s a good way to use nice but expensive fabric! Thanks

    • Hi Sam, just double-checked my original eBay order and I actually did get 1/2m – sorry for being misleading. I’ve still got a bit left over though, so I used less than that, but not sure exactly how much. Have fun with the Chloe – I’d really like to see the result!

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