Day 6: Happy swirly Monday!

Hello!  I’ve been cut off from my blog for the past few days… something reset something else somewhere on a server or something (I have no idea) and I couldn’t log in at all.  But hoorah, at last all is well (thanks Mr B) and here I am.

When I went to work this morning, I hadn’t yet heard the good news, but I’m still smiling….

… because I really love this skirt.  Everything should have big deep pockets like this.  I’m so glad MMJ forced me to wear it – I was just catching up on admin in the office, which usually automatically equals jeans.  But today?  I sort of skipped around the filing cabinets swirling my skirt, which made it more fun than the average Monday.  Must must MUST make another one.

I won’t blog outfits from days 2 to 5 here, because 1) you can see them in the Flickr group, and 2) I’ll probably end up wearing each of them again, as we’re not even a quarter of the way through June…

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