Day 25: neverending toile

Once upon a time, there was a competition called Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong, where any sewing maiden could enter three beautiful tops in a quest for wonderful sewing prizes.  This girl had two in the bag well in time for the deadline, but three is a magical fairytale number, and so three it had to be.  She toiled away for a whole morning, forsaking Saturday Morning Kitchen, to produce a thing of such beauty that all the Sewalong judges would fall at its feet and bestow said prizes instantly.  But…

the top would not go right.  The fabrics which looked so fetching together in the planning stages now looked odd; the cut was too tight here and too big there.  The girl was glum.  Princess Karen offered kind words of wisdom, but there was no fairy godmother to rescue the top, and so it was cast into the Miserable Pile of Failed Projects.

Fortunately, the girl was not downcast for long, and bravely attempted a new challenge: Me Made June!  To begin with, all went well, and there was much wearing of Me Made items… but alas, as the month went on, the girl began running out of new things to wear.  Desperate for something different, she returned to the Miserable Pile, retrieved the top and frantically stitched and stitched…

Oh, so close!  As she tried it on, the girl realised the top would have been really cute, if she hadn’t rushed and decided to attach the collar piece to the bodice by eye, instead of measuring it properly.  Could she live with those strange puckery bits around the neckline? No. So the top remained a toile, and the girl had to wear a Pendrell to work.  Yet again.

But she was feeling plucky, and prompted by Refashion week over at the Sew Weekly, she gave it one last try.  Perhaps she could have unpicked the ruffled collar and reattached it, but instead she got ruthless and hacked the whole thing off.  She wanted simplicity and summer all rolled up in one – yes, of course, something like the Sorbetto top – so fortuitously similar from the bust darts down.  But having already made a Sorbetto top, could the pattern be adapted into something different…?  A little bit of drafting, measuring, and fairy dust, and by the end of the evening she had this:

YES!!!  Finally, the girl and the top had overcome their animosity.  The top fit, and made the girl feel pretty… it just got a bit creased after they’d skipped around in the sunlight all day. 

And so they lived happily ever after.

The end.

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