Day 19: MMJ update + a refashion

I have a confession to make: yesterday, I didn’t wear a single me-made item.  Yep, I skipped a day of Me Made June, which is quite unlike me as I have a stubborn streak, and normally try to keep all plates spinning at all times.  However, I’ve been sick this week to the extent of having to take a couple of days off work, which culminated yesterday in a little internal struggle something like this:

Mind: OK, go find a me-made item!

Body: I don’t think I can.

Mind: But it’s a challenge!  We pledged! We have to see it through!


Mind: OK.

So I slept for as long as possible this morning, and then brushed up for a lovely Sunday lunch at my in-laws, wearing my Simplicity 2406 tunic:

As for the refashion (which I’ve been meaning to blog about all week) – this is something I started weeks ago for the ‘Embellishment’ theme at the Sew Weekly.  It’s a jumper I bought in an awesome charity shop sweep which worked out costing about 50p!  I bought it for the colour, but wasn’t so sure about the style…

(Here I’m trying to look disparagingly at said jumper without laughing).  Check out those sleeves… someone clearly had an indecisive moment and picked ‘all of the above’ for sleeve options.  I can cope with faux-short-over-long-sleeve tops, but putting a short sleeve over such a full longer one plus those gathered cuffs just looks odd.

So the first course of action was easy – take it in a little at the sides and cut it back to short sleeves.  I had the embellishment in mind as well: cute little self-covered buttons using remnants of one of my favourite pieces of fabric.

But, having stitched all the buttons on, it just didn’t look right.  This isn’t the best picture, but can you see how that aqua colour just jumps out and grabs you?  Everytime I tried this on and looked in the mirror, the whole thing seemed dominated by those tiny blue blobs.

So back to the drawing board – and for inspiration, I went back to Grosgrain’s excellent series of ’embellishknits’ and fell for this idea using lace trim. 

And then got a bit carried away, wanting lace and some tasselly fringe trim:

I sewed the lace trim on by hand, and the fringe by machine.  Mr B said it looks “like a cowgirl” but he sounded amused, so I think it’s a compliment.

Yeehah cowboy, but that fringe trimming just makes me grin.

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