Day 15: new tops

Ugh, another week of server problems –  it’s been barring me from blogging, but I’ve faithfully carried on taking Me Made June photos!  I’m keeping up with the Flickr group (more or less), but here are my new June makes…

First, how fab is this fabric?

I know, it’s a children’s fabric… but I couldn’t resist it for another Pendrell top.  I was chatting to my Mum about this make, and the fact that I’d splashed out £6/metre on eBay for it… which seemed on the pricey side, until I realised that actually meant I’d got a whole new top for £12.  Isn’t it funny how sewing your own clothes puts you in a whole different cost/value mindset?

Worn 3rd, 7th and 15th June

Yes, I’ve worn it 3 times already… and it’s the only thing so far that someone has asked whether I’d made it!  Is that good or bad for 15 days of me-made stuff?

Next up, my version of the free Sorbetto pattern – thank you Colette Patterns!  I’m calling it my Lemon Sorbet top, and I think it’s the most summery thing I’ve ever made:

Worn 11th and 12th June

This is a beautifully easy pattern to put together – but, note to fellow long-bodied sewists, it came out on the short side.  I sewed a 12, but kept the length meant for a 16… and still ended up adding this slice of net curtain to get a length I was happy with.  I’ll cut it much longer next time… and I’m sure there will be a next time (new pattern obsession: check).

So we’re halfway through June – how’s it going, MMJ-ers?  On the one hand, I feel like I’m wading through this month without achieving anything or getting anywhere (though that’s mainly to do with work, work-related stress, and stress-related tiredness/sickness.  Bleugh.)  Finding a clean, me-made item everyday is therefore much more of a challenge at the moment than I’d anticipated.  On the other hand, I’m really enjoying wearing more skirts (Shock! I know!) and combining things I’ve made in new ways; plus it’s shown up some gaps in my wardrobe which I’m now sewing to fill – so it is worth it.  But, I am glad there are only 30 days in June.

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