Cynthia Rowley Dress Simplicity 2406

(Hmm, slightly over-modelled pose, but it was better than all the other shots, believe me.)

I can’t remember whether I saw the fabric or the pattern for this dress first, but they’re both so fun it seemed obvious to match them up.  I love the unusual sleeve design.  The instructions didn’t make much sense, but it was fairly easy to figure them out as I went along (on the first sleeve anyway – got overconfident on the other one and mucked it up).  The fabric looks vaguely floral from a distance, but up close it’s actually a little fairground design:

It’s 100% cotton and creases like crazy, but I think it’s definitely worth getting the iron out for.

Finally, here’s the dress on Diana, but sadly you need arms to really work this style.  And a belt.


6 thoughts on “Cynthia Rowley Dress Simplicity 2406

    • Oh yes, they’re tricky – I think the pattern instructions actually make it more confusing than it is. My advice would be take your time – what helped me was to always keep reminding myself which bit of the sleeve was which (e.g. which side attaches to the rest of the dress vs which side is the hem), and after each step to turn it the right way out, so I could see how it was developing. If you’ve made things before, use your sewing intuition – if you keep checking what it will look like as a finished sleeve, it may give you a clue about how the next step relates. The weirdest bit is where you have to roll the whole sleeve up on itself – go with the instructions on that one, even though it seems strange. It does work! Sorry I can’t be more help without pictures!

  1. I made the dress and am now working on the sleeves and slowly going mad! Are the instructions on the sleeves correct? When I try to turn the facing it is a messy lump. I want to take the part I sewed loose and try another way, will that help or hurt? I am waiting to hear from my friend who is a professional seamstress (which I am not) for help. I have to make 6 of these babies for bridesmaids dresses. I may end up in the hospital in a total collapse! I like your dress, by the way

    • Aw Donna, 6 bridesmaid dresses! Wow. Yep the sleeves can be a big nightmarish, I would definitely take them apart and try another way – that’s how I figured it out the first time. Hopefully your seamstress friend can help, otherwise I’m planning to do a photo tutorial later on this week, which might help make things clearer!

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