Crochet, beautiful crochet

I’ve just finished my first exceedingly satisfying crochet project. As mentioned in my last post, I did learn a bit of crochet when I was little, but it was from a extremely retro Ladybird book which banged on about gauge and measuring your stitches far too much (in my 7 year old opinion). 

So this tutorial from Carly was a lovely introduction to chain stitch, double and triple crochet (to the point that I was running around squeaking ‘I can crochet!  Look, I can crochet!” – husband in the shower not significantly impressed).  And now I have a beautifully cosy snood:

I want another crochet project!  Preferably another one with Rowan Big Wool (the name just makes me happy, I’m easily pleased).

4 thoughts on “Crochet, beautiful crochet

  1. Just looked back at Carly’s blog, and my snood is much smaller – am I doing the stitches too tight? Maybe I should have paid more attention to gauge…

  2. Hello! I’m glad the snood inspired you to have a go at crochet, it looks fab! I have no idea about gauge, same as you it seems like too much of a faff. I don’t know why yours is smaller – are you alternating the rows double/treble crochet using a big hook (I used 8mm)? I don’t count rows, I just use two balls of the Rowan big wool and stop when it runs out! I think just experiment, looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

    Carly x

  3. Thanks Carly. I tried to comment on your blog, but I didn’t have any of the right IDs… I’ll definitely be looking out for more of your crochet projects! I still have some big wool left over, so I might have another go. I did use an 8mm hook, but I have a 9mm somewhere – maybe I just need really big hooks!

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