Colette Spring Palette Challenge

I was attracted to this challenge because it’s so open: you pick your own colours, patterns, and number of garments to make.  The theme is a spring wardrobe, but that’s so beautifully subjective isn’t it?  I got a bit snazzy with Photoshop (if I say so myself) and here’s the plan colour-wise:

The fabric on the left came from Ikea – I think it’s amazing, but it’s far too heavy for dressmaking.  Maybe cushions?  Blinds?  Upholstery?  I don’t want to force a project out of it, so I’m leaving it in the stash but using the colours as inspiration.  The outfits are from Diane von Fursternberg’s Pre-Fall 2011 Collection (photos from luscious aren’t they?  And the top-left fabric is another from my stash and will definitely be slotting into this project somewhere.

I’m aiming to do at least 4 garments by the end of the 10 weeks – the next stage is to work out what they’ll be.  Apologies in advance, but Simplicity 2406 might possibly just perhaps be calling me yet again…  Does eveyone get pattern obsessions, or am I just sad?

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