Christmas present round-up

I’d planned ages ago to make  Mr B a cover for his MacBook Air, and once I’d picked the quirky Ikea fabric, I somehow mentally ticked it off as sorted.  And then around the 23rd, I suddenly realised that I still had to make the thing – cue much un-festive angst and panic on Christmas Eve.

Part of the problem was having this skyline to match up:

Yay for iron-on velcro!

I think it suits Mr B – sensible but interesting on one side (the skyline) – and kinda crazy on the other:

Hah! Getting the dimensions right was a headache – the MacBook Air is 1/2″ thick at one end, 1/8″ at the other, and curves across the horizontal axis as well.  The cover is pretty snug (what with the interfaced fabric, lining, and some interlining in the middle) but the Macbook does squeeze in!  Hoping it will ease a bit with use…

Having finished that just in time, I could turn my attentions to my presents.  Here’s the sewing-related ones:

Thanks, family and friends! Finally, after entering every giveaway I could find with no result, I have my copy of the Colette Handbook.  Plus extra Colette patterns!  It’s gonna be Colette madness here at Diana & Me in January…

But for now, I’m starting a little Christmas tradition for myself.  After my multi snood making, I’m left with lots of little oddments of Rowan Big Wool, just  perfect for a chunky little heart:

This is my 2011 one – and each Christmas I’m going to add another, creating a garland of heart bunting that grows a little every year.

Have you got any Christmas crafting traditions?

2 thoughts on “Christmas present round-up

  1. I LOVE that macbook case that you made! Such brilliant use of the funky fabric! I am so itching to get my hands on the colette book too…can’t wait to see your Colette creations in 2012 🙂 Have a lovely New Year’s Eve!

  2. Hi! So, I have been searching and trying to attain the IKEA fabric used to make you Mac book case and am at a dead end. It is discontinued and sold out, and anyone who ever seemed to have the fabric has used or sold their extra. I was wondering if by chance you still have extra of the fabric? Would you please reply and let me know? Thanks so much!

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