Round here

“Step out the front door like a ghost / Into the fog where no one notices / The contrast of white on white…”  Saying ’round here’ always triggers my favourite Counting Crows song, but those opening lines do fit today’s weather: white hail (!) against a whitish sky:

Weather 12th April

So, round here, number (1): there are quite a few works-in-progress…

Works in Progress

These are all made from old fabrics I’ve had for years, frantically stash-busting after the unprecedented step of putting all my various fabric hoards together in one place for the first time:

Fabric stash

As Mr B said when he saw it, I can’t tell if it’s better or worse than I’d expected.  But at least now it’s a known entity – though I’m bound to end up buying some new fabric at…

(2) the awesome meet-up being organised by House of Pinheiro: the V&A, handmade outfits, fabric shopping, swapping, and food.  Perfect.  And I’m so looking forward to re-meeting some fabulous bloggers.  But I’ll look a little different to last time because…

(3) Like Zoe, I have had to put aside my original sewing plans for the last few months (miniskirts, princess-seamed dresses) and look into a whole new range of patterns: maternity clothes.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Yes, one of the pregnancies I alluded to in my last post is mine!  I’m coming up for halfway through, and finally feel up to regularly sewing and blogging again, rather than  just lying on the sofa watching E4 re-runs.

(4) Talking of Zoe, I’m looking forward to Me-Made-May ’13  even though my pledge means I need to get on with lots of maternity sewing in the next few weeks because: ‘I endeavour to wear 30 different handmade or refashioned garments  over the course of May 2013.’  I set myself a slightly different challenge from last year, because I realise I ended up hitting the same garments pretty hard (ahem, pyjamas) to count as my ‘one item per day’.  This time round, I’ll only count each handmade item once, but there’s some flexibility as I’m not tied to a daily quota.

Also round here, (5) I’m feeling it’s time to make this blog a little more exciting, and I’m using some of that sofa-time to ponder style and navigational changes.  Please watch this space…

(6)  …and if you’ve been watching this space through Google ‘days-are-numbered’ Reader, then why not Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

See you all soon – maybe in real life on the meet -up! – happy sewing x


Births and birthdays

Sewing and making things for other people means… a big sewing gap for myself.  I’m not moaning – of course I could buy all the gifts and devote my teeny-tiny creative opportunities completely to my own wardrobe – but I do like that little buzz from giving an individual homemade present.

And as there seems to be a baby boom this year among my family and friends (six announced for 2013 so far), I’ll be making lots of small person thingummys like this: 

baby girl hat

I used this tutorial for the second time for baby number 1, realising I have no idea how big a baby’s head roughly is.  Big as my fist?  Bigger?  Hope it fits, baby Lara!

baby girl hat 1

To vary things up, I’ll be digging this pattern out and making some more of these cute-as-a-boot shoes.  Perhaps even for the sibling of the baby (now toddler) that I made these shoes for:

tiny shoes

In more advanced birthday news, Mr B turned 30 recently, and while this was not the year I finally got round to making him a shirt, I did russle up what I think is a pretty cool cake:

awesome cake 1

…with all of his favourite things

awesome cake 3

in Lego!

awesome cake 2  Happy birthday Mr B!

awesome cake 4

It’s all in the detail

Is it starting to feel like Christmas where you are yet?  I’m having a fun fun fun crafting week making decorations for the rather grand dinner we are throwing on Friday… for about 30 young people between 11 and 18 (part of the youth group I’m involved with on Friday nights).  Gulp.  At least I’m not cooking.

Instead, I’m making paper stars, tissue pom poms, menus, and place card settings!

Ok, so I just wanted to play with my new set of Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps

This design was perfect for mass production – I cut A4 card into three sections along the longest side, and ruled random lines in gold pen, crisscrossing over each other:

Then stamped in all the baubles, using three stamp designs in five colours:

And cut each piece into 3 again = perfect sized name cards.

Now I’m just wondering if I have time to whip up a circle skirt out of this stuff.  Oh, the danger of too many crafting plans…

Paper and print

I’ve hit some snags in my sewing projects recently, so I’m trying out another craft medium for the current weekly project…  A few weeks ago, I decided to set myself a deadline of one ‘story’ per week.  Not to be rigid or to just churn out more things, but to be focus the little pockets of time I have for sewing and crafting, and cut down on the constant UFOs).

As the nights are drawing in alarmingly quickly, I’m afraid it’s not the best of photos:

It’s a mixture of stenciling, felt tip pen, and ink stamps on to a old book page.  I’m pretty pleased with it as a first effort, though my mind’s already ticking over experiments with different colours and refining the techniques.

As for last week’s project, I posted it over here at the Crafty Christmas Club – if you haven’t checked this site out yet, do go and have a gander at all the interesting snippets and ideas being posted daily – just the kick I need to get on with my list of Christmas makes!