Progress and results

Because some sewing does still get done around here from time to time:


Patchwork-in-progress: Tasia’s recent quilting post reminded me to dig these out and at least think about finishing them off…

…but for something more decisive, the results of my Sew Grateful giveaway are in!

Giveaway Feb 13


The Socks book goes to Nessa, who said:

“I’d love to try socks – it’s something I’ve always avoided – I think it’s the heel turns!”

Hope you enjoy it, Nessa!


Cotton Jersey Girl

I really feel the sentimental pull of old clothes.  Folded in an old box somewhere, I still have the top I was wearing on the night I first met Mr B. There are ballgowns I’ll never wear again hanging up in my parents’ spare room.  And there are the t-shirts.

There’s nothing quite like a printed t-shirt for anchoring you straight in to a particular time and place.  The last day of school (“Class of 04!”); my friend’s hen night (“It’s not a good night out unless you almost get run over!”); that dinner with my family (“Hard Rock Cafe!”) where we met my brother’s then-girlfriend, now-wife, for the first time.  And I hardly wear any of them, because they make my neck look really weird:

This is my t-shirt from the last day of sixth-form in 2004, and these are the photos that brought it home to me that t-shirts do not suit me.  I know they’re bad photos anyway, but I really do look like this – that high round neckline can somehow remove my neck altogether (a la left photo) or, conversely, make it look stretched and stiff (a la right photo).  And so, for the last few years, I have avoided them as much as possible.  Without, of course, getting rid of a single item of my personal-history collection.

But over the summer, I was finally liberated by the Sewaholic Renfrew:

…and I’ve been almost exclusively sewing t-shirts ever since.  I even made one for Mr B’s Christmas party this week (reserve judgement til you see it.)  In fact, consider this a warning that an onslaught of cotton jersey is coming up on this blog.

But before I get into that, I better announce the winner of the Twinkle Sews giveaway (thanks for your welcoming comments and your patience, lovely commenters).  The book goes to:

The 4th comment was from Carly, who said “Ooh I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a post from you in aaaages! Nice to see you back.  Please enter me in the giveaway – I’m about to give birth so some slouchy knits and tunic tops sounds right up my street!”

Carly, I honestly didn’t fix the numbers, but you sound very deserving of a book full of slouchy tops – it’s all yours!

New-start November (just about)

Well, my break from blogging ended up being rather longer than I thought… we finally moved into our new flat at the beginning of October, and for quite a while after that, Diana presided over box city:

There are still a lot of boxes, but my sewing machine has been liberated, and I’m realising just how much fabric I’d managed to squirrel away in my previous loft/wardrobe/cupboards/under the bed/on top of the chest of drawers…

There’s no better way to say hi, I’m back, thanks for your patience than with a giveaway, especially as I’m also realising how many sewing books I’ve collected over the last couple of years – it’s time for some to move on.  So leave me a welcome back comment if you’d like to take Twinkle Sews off my hands:

The clothes in this book are quirky and really fun, though not exactly fitted – but if you like tunic tops and slouchy knits, then it should be right up your street.  Enjoy!

Giveaway result

Thanks to everyone who threw their hats into the ring for the bag.  The random number generator says:

 So it’s off to Suzanne, who said:

” I like this bag..very nice…and Happy Blog Anniversary!”

You’re welcome Suzanne – hope you like it!  I’ll be in touch for a postal address 🙂

I finally have another person coming to view my house on Friday, so I’ve morphed into a sugar-hyper organisation and cleaning drive.  Hopefully I’ll fit some sewing in there somewhere, in time for next week’s Sew Weekly challenge…  Have a good week everyone!

Sew Grateful giveaway winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the purple pinwale corduroy – and all your comments on purple colour pairings.  I wore my skirt to work today with a bright blue top and grey tights, and felt fab.

Without further ado, the winner is:

Kate, who said:

I do like your skirt. Especially the pockets – great colour contrast with the skirt fabric!
I wear quite a lot of purple myself. I have at least two purple dresses, a couple of tops, a scarf – and some very special purple shoes which I wore to my own wedding earlier this year. They were mainly hidden by the long white dress, but not all the time :)
When I’m not getting married, I usually put my purple clothes with grey or white, and sometimes yellow. I think bright blue looks good with purple too. But I can’t promise to be an expert on what goes together: I sometimes have to ask my husband if my attire is within the realms of normality before I leave the house!

Glad to add to your purple collection, Kate – can’t wait to see what you make with it!  I’ll be in touch soon for an address.