Calling fellow print addicts…

(Quick aside: I love the pre-washing fabric stage.  True, it’s really annoying when you have a brand new project and are desperate to get on with it, but mostly I enjoy this gentle warm-up before hitting the cutting sprint and stitching marathon.)  But as I was prewashing my fabrics this sunny Sunday afternoon, I finally realised how far I am from this year’s re-sew-lution to use more plain fabric:

 …and looking back at my 2012 makes so far, there’s a similar story going on:

You can see I’ve tried to go a bit plainer here and there, but those prints keep on elbowing their way in and shouting for attention…  And so, two months on, I’ve decided to stop fighting it, and give in gracefully.  (Maybe some plains will sneak in when I’m all relaxed and off guard.)

On to the actual point of this post, then: I’d like to do a blog feature celebrating all this print and colour – big, bright, busy, whatever!  So tell me, is it just me?  Or does anyone else also struggle with print addiction?  

You do?  Would you like to join in and get some pics featured on this blog? 

YOU DO?  Maybe I’ll give it a snazzy name and make a button for it, then?


4 thoughts on “Calling fellow print addicts…

  1. Yes. Way too many prints. Sometimes I open my fabric closet, peer in and wonder how I’m going to match it all. My general solution is to plan on making dresses only (ha ha!) I do like the comment before me on picking the orphans and sewing something that makes them useable…

  2. When I buy fabric I seem to get lots of prints, fold them up, look at them now and then and wonder where all the plain stuff is that clearly only lives in my head! When I buy clothes I nearly alway go for plains – weird

  3. Glad to hear it’s not just me! Yes, orphans is a good term – I’m always irked by those garments that you can only pair with one other thing… and rarely get worn. Good luck in your quest for print-plain balance, ladies!

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