Births and birthdays

Sewing and making things for other people means… a big sewing gap for myself.  I’m not moaning – of course I could buy all the gifts and devote my teeny-tiny creative opportunities completely to my own wardrobe – but I do like that little buzz from giving an individual homemade present.

And as there seems to be a baby boom this year among my family and friends (six announced for 2013 so far), I’ll be making lots of small person thingummys like this: 

baby girl hat

I used this tutorial for the second time for baby number 1, realising I have no idea how big a baby’s head roughly is.  Big as my fist?  Bigger?  Hope it fits, baby Lara!

baby girl hat 1

To vary things up, I’ll be digging this pattern out and making some more of these cute-as-a-boot shoes.  Perhaps even for the sibling of the baby (now toddler) that I made these shoes for:

tiny shoes

In more advanced birthday news, Mr B turned 30 recently, and while this was not the year I finally got round to making him a shirt, I did russle up what I think is a pretty cool cake:

awesome cake 1

…with all of his favourite things

awesome cake 3

in Lego!

awesome cake 2  Happy birthday Mr B!

awesome cake 4

2 thoughts on “Births and birthdays

  1. Thank you so much for linking back to my hat pattern. Hopefully it does fit little Lara…I mean, it should. One of the perks of using double crochet is the huge amount of stretch it has. So unless she is tee-tiny, my fingers are crossed for you 🙂

    And I absolutely LOVE the lego cake! I might have to copy that for my husband’s birthday this year, if you don’t mind of course 🙂

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