Bank holiday hearts

OK, so this top was not made in honour of Friday’s wedding, but the extra bank holiday gave me lots of time to sew.  I did tune into the BBC from about 10am, and ended up watching all the way to the balcony kiss while eating leftover Easter eggs in my PJs. Yay!  I wasn’t overly bothered about the wedding beforehand, but now I’m strangely hooked.  I was straight out at 9am on Saturday to get a souvenir newspaper, which I later found Mr B folding in half:

Me: What are you doing  with that?!!

Mr B:  What, with the newspaper?

Me:  Yes, with my souvenir edition royal wedding newspaper!!

Mr B:  Aren’t they always folded?


After that I ordered some commemorative stamps off of eBay.  Oh dear.  On the plus side, feeling very British and spring-like naturally led on to… making a lemon meringue pudding.  Of course, you say, how completely logical.  It looks a bit squished, but that is one lush lump of meringue, lemon curd and whipped cream.  Nom nom nom.

Back to the sewing.: I was looking for some red/white/blue fabric for the Sew Weekly UK Meetup and rediscovered this cute hearts fabric, which has been sitting around in my stash for a couple of years at least.  So then I wanted a  pattern with minimum seams/darts so that the print wouldn’t get distorted, and ended up buying my very first vintage pattern!   I must admit, I’d never understood the appeal of vintage patterns – there seemed to be lots more work involved than the modern ones – but when this Butterick 8477 arrived, I got it.  Just the smell of the paper got my historical senses buzzing.  Sadly, I can’t find a year anywhere… I’m guessing it might have been printed on the torn off part of the flap?

I used view D, modified the neckline, bias-bound the edges, and wore it to the pub.  And then decided it looked a bit unfinished… undid all the bias-binding and added little cap sleeves.  Much better.

I’m so relieved I got the sides to match up – check it out!  Yes, there is a side seam between those two red hearts!

PS I just came across this great Spring Top Sewalong from Made by Rae – what a fab idea!

17 thoughts on “Bank holiday hearts

  1. I know what you mean, I was glued to the TV, bought my souvenir copy of the Times which I’ve hidden away for prosperity and away from OH mitts as he throws EVERYTHING away! Love the top, especially the pattern matching on the side seams, very accomplished, definitely should be entered into Spring Top Contest.

  2. Great top! Love your hearts fabric!
    I know what you mean about the royal wedding . I also was not that into it until Friday morning when I decided to get up early (6am here in the States) called my Mum in Ireland on the phone and we watched the wedding together while chatting on the phone. It was sooo much fun.

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  6. Nice top! Kudos top you for creating such a nice outfit. I wish I can make one too for myself since I love customized clothes since they are more flexible and gives you the freedom to choose from colors, materials, etc.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Will certainly come back here for more. 🙂



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