At last, my V8667 has come along…

I bought the V8867 last spring after seeing Karen’s gorgeous wool version, and I think I got as far as making half a half-hearted muslin, but must have gone chasing off after some other project, as usual.  So I’m glad that Scruffy Badger recently made a classy knit version, racheting this pattern back up into the leaderboard of ‘things I must make NOW’.

Having just gone back to look at Karen and Scruffy Badger’s posts, I realise I’ve been wearing this wrong all day: the cowl should be folded over, so it’s half the height.  I obviously completely missed step 39 of the instructions.  But I kinda like it all big and in-your-face… two ways to wear it, perhaps?

The fabric is something vintage off eBay.  Normally I take ‘vintage’ in an eBay listing with a giant pinch of salt, unless there’s an actual year on the selvedge, but I think this is genuinely something older as it’s only 80cm wide, from edge to edge.  I don’t know much about the history of fabrics, but haven’t seen any modern stuff this skinny…?  Anyway, it has a lovely slubby finish, and I don’t know exactly what it is, but nor do I mind, so that’s ok.

I ended up with a lot of excess around the bodice, and my now-familiar dowager’s hump gap at the back… so thank goodness we’re working with princess seams.  I just pinched out half and inch or so from each one, tapering towards the waist, and adjusted the curves of the armholes.  Sorted.

Oh, and of course I shortened the whole thing, so it’s a long top, not a dress.  Partly because I wear long tops almost daily, and dresses maybe more like quarterly.  And partly, because I am raring to go for Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong 2012!   

This was really fun to enter last year, and I even made it through one of the rounds, so I’m back for more.  See you there?

8 thoughts on “At last, my V8667 has come along…

    • Yes, I like that spin on it – I’m going for ‘more options’, not simply unable to read instructions properly 😉 Thanks Lynne.

  1. Amy, what a genius make! I had been thinking about making a top out of it, so much do I love the neckline, & there you go with a true stunner. I REALLY love it. Great fabric too.

    • Yeah make a top! I’m definitely going to be making some more – probably venturing into a jersey version like yours!

  2. Looking good! I didn’t realise it was blue – it looks black and white in your previous post. Blue and white is much more flattering I think. I love working with vintage (and “vintage”) materials too. A great make, well done.

    • Me too, I much prefer blue and white – in fact, I have a slight aversion to black and white prints, though I can’t put my finger on why. Thanks Sally 🙂

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