…and something sparkly as well

Happy third day of Christmas! Hope you’ve had, and are having, a wonderful time.  We’re back home for a night after staying with my parents and then with Mr B’s, then off again to see my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow.  So this is just  a little snippet of a post, with some more Christmas/sewing-related ones coming soon.

As I explained in a Crafty Christmas Club post, there’s been a lot of crochet action on my present list this year – snoods for everyone!  Enough of my female friends and relations have complimented my one over the past few months to get me going on no less than five (…and it turns out that a lot of those compliments were indeed hints!)

I just felt they needed a little bit of sparkle:

I got most of these for less than a fiver on eBay, some for just 99p.  Aren’t they sweet?  A few  claimed to be vintage 1950s – though I have no idea how to verify that.  Anyhow, snoods done, I picked out co-ordinating brooches:

Getting all my handmade plans finished in time was a very close thing – that red one at the bottom?  Started it Christmas eve, finished Christmas day, wrapped and handed it over on Boxing day…  Next year I either need to start earlier, or do less!

Did you manage to get everything stitched up in time?

3 thoughts on “…and something sparkly as well

  1. What gorgeous cowls! I knit two for myself last week, and I LOVE the idea of putting brooches on them – I have a lot of brooches!! I’m going to shamelessly steal that idea if you don’t mind!

    • Steal away Lynne! I think it’s the perfect background for showing off a brooch – I never know quite where to put them on clothes.

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