And now for something completely different

After our very strong hunch that I was carrying a boy…

It's a girl

…we are inundated by pink.  (I am using pale turquoise in the nursery in defiance.)

In spite of the dramas and palavas of the pregnancy, she is completely well, growing, and changing almost daily – I am feeling hugely blessed, shattered, content, and prone to bursting into tears. I’d love to show you pictures, but Mr B and I have decided to try and keep her personal information off the internet for as long as we can, even Facebook.  That’s no judgement on bloggers who do post pictures of their kids (so cute!) but it just doesn’t feel right for us.  Hey, sometimes I still feel really weird that there’s pictures of me floating around the web…

There’s not been time for sewing lately, but I have quite a few finished items from my last week of pregnancy still to blog about, and hopefully some new projects to slowly chip away at (as mademoiselle prefers to sleep in the afternoons and eat all night long.)  See you soon!

6 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Big Congratulations! Turquoise is great for a neutral baby room-we have a huge rug that color in our boy’s room. It goes with so many other colors-even pink 😉

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