Amy’s Adventures in London-land

Made it!!  (Sort of.)  I ‘finished’ my V1223 dress at 11.30ish  this morning, and trotted off to catch the train within the hour.  Points to any eagle-eyed sewists who can spot my first shortcut from this photo… um, I didn’t quite get round to hemming it.

Inside… ooh, the place is beautiful.  So choice, as Mr B would say – this is actually one of his positive facial expressions:

And they gave me this! 

Anyway, on to the dress.  As we all know, rushed/last minute projects rarely turn into well-fitting/well-finished ones.  I’d roughly modified the pattern by adding 1.5 inches to the bottom of each piece, as my waist tends to be a little lower than patterns allow.  I almost got away with it, but it messed up the asymetrical bodice a little and gave me a headache trying to attach the lining this morning.  Long story short, the neckline needs more work (i.e. total unpicking, adjusting and re-stitching).  But I’m not unpleased with how it turned out, passable I think to the untrained eye:

The pleats are fab, and very flattering figure-wise (considering I’d just polished off a rather large lunch in this photo). 

After that rather large lunch, Mr B whisked me off to Harrods, having heard that they sell macaroons there.  (I got addicted to macaroons on a trip to Paris about 3 years ago – I think I got through about 30 in 5 days.  It’s an expensive habit, so apart from one disastrous attempt at making them myself, I’ve abstained until now.)

So, full marks for a thoughtful idea.  Except.  I say whisked, but actually I’m ashamed to say neither of us had any idea where Harrods was, and got directed to Victoria station by a misbehaving iPhone.  Cue anger (him) and sulks (me).  Shouldn’t an iconic London shopping landmark be easy to find?  Eventually we turned to the old-fashioned method of asking directions from passers-by, and came across the old place lit up like a firework:


And then I cheered up immensely:

To conclude:  Yay for my birthday, for Mr B, and the dress!  I hereby solemnly promise to sort out the iffy bits (I tell you now so you can hold me to it.)  Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and sewing encouragements!

5 thoughts on “Amy’s Adventures in London-land

  1. Happy (now belated) birthday! I love the dress, well done on getting it finished, looks like you had a lovely day, what a brilliant boy you’ve got! 😉 xx

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