Amsterdam and apples

On holiday I missed my sewing maching, but I missed internet access even more.  All those little daily references: weather, email, love-to-hate-it-Facebook, reading other people’s blogs, Google, and for Mr B and I, extensive use of Wikipedia to settle arguments discussions.

So in Amsterdam we found an excellent coffee shop with free wifi access (and ahem, no smoking) and debated whether a holiday should truly mean ‘getting away from everything’.  I definitely wanted to leave a lot of things behind for a while (and maybe not have to pick some of them up again at all) but actually, pottering around the web for a while is something I do enjoy.  It regularly sparks my curiosity and creativity.

And besides, we could see the canals out of the window.

And besides, the coffee shop was awesome:

Later that day I finished the hand-stitched bits on my apple-a-day Orla Kiely homage and I love, love, love it. Except…

…I’d put the zip in in a rush about an hour before chucking it in the suitcase and leaving the house, and one side is higher than the other…

…and I’d like to change the buttons for something chunkier and retro, more like Orla’s:

But all in all, I’m pretty darn chuffed with it:


14 thoughts on “Amsterdam and apples

  1. Amy what an awesome dress!! I bet you’ll forget about the bit that niggles you and no one else will notice once you relish feeling so fab and stylish when wearing it! Dreamy!!

  2. Thanks all! I’m also thinking of adding a band of solid colour at the hem – like the original dress has – what do you think?

  3. I saw this dress in your year end review and thought it looked great. I have the pattern in my stash and recognized it right away. You did a great job meshing fabric with pattern. Well done!

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