All at sea

Ahoy, sewing mates!

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks here at Diana & Me as I’ve been away on a ten day cruise round Scandinavia with Mr B and the in-laws.

I’ve been keeping to my Self Stitched September pledge though, and happily it’s been a far more varied month than Me Made June.  Dressing up for dinner while we were away helped make good use of my pretty dress collection (still sewing em, rarely wearing em).

On that note, Tilly’s recent post about sewing chores resonated with me.  Most of my fancy makes are for a specific deadline, and I rarely 100% meet it… there’s always a step or two skipped over.  I honestly mean to go back and fill in the gaps, but: a) I’ve moved on to something new and interesting, b) if I can get away with wearing it, why bother? c) if it involves handstitching, ugh. I’m bored already.

But away from my sewing machine, and cut off from the internet, look what can happen:

Yep there I go, handstitching the lining to the zip, a mere 7 months after finishing the rest of the dress.  I could just pat myself on the head for being a good little sewist.

Of course, it helps when there’s a view like this:

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