A very friendly frenzy

Just back from the Walthamstow Shopping Frenzy – superbly organised by Karen – very tired but happy and inspired (fortunately I can blog from the sofa with my feet up.  Sorted).  Check out Karen’s post for pictures here.

Probably the nicest part of the day was meeting lots of other sewing enthusiasts – how many other people would get so excited about satin bias binding /self-cover buttons / miles of cheap-as-chips fabric, all while wandering around in the rain?  Exactly.  Ladies, thankyou – I had a ball.

I bought many useful things to complete current projects, but this was the icing on the cake (slightly creased from the train ride home):

I wasn’t sure whether I could make anything I’d actually wear out of this stuff, but (after standing and stroking it for at least 5 minutes), I was given the go ahead by the team, who variously suggested: classy pyjamas, a floaty blouse, or a halterneck summerdress.  I went a wee bit crazy when I heard  it was £2 per metre and bought 4.  So who knows, I may make all of those things.

4 thoughts on “A very friendly frenzy

  1. Hello! Lovely to meet you yesterday & I’m doubly happy as it’s meant that I’ve found your lovely blog! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make from this fabric – once again, fab 2 dress=1 dress! Bye for now S.B.

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