A me-made (and minimally consumerist) May


It took me ages to add my pledge for MMM12, and I only requested to join the Flickr group today… maybe because I’m so ridiculously pumped about this challenge, I’m forgetting to publically acknowledge it?  Anyway: I, Amy of Diana & Me, sign up as a participant of MMM’12. I endeavour to wear 9 me-made items per week for the duration of May 2012.

This being my 3rd go at a me-made-month, I’m pretty sure I have enough handmade clothes to manage.  But I like to be quite flexible, so I’ve gone for a weekly, rather than daily, total… which also means on some days I’ll have to include more than one me-made item.

But I’m adding my own little challenge to the mix.  I admire how Zoe’s attitude to sewing and fashion reflects bigger ideas about sustainability and consumerism.  (Did you read the post on cashmere goats?  Fascinating!)  This is something I feel quite challenged about: does my lifestyle actually reflect my convictions about recycling, sustainability, and generally being a good ‘caretaker’ of the physical resources I’ve got access to? 

So, for the month of May, I’m radically cutting down my spending and consumerism.  This means no non-essential spending.  In other words:

  • I can buy groceries from a supermarket – but won’t buy lunches at work, I’ll bring my own.  Ditto, toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste are allowed – but not non-essentials like nail polish or eyeshadow.
  • No fabric buying!  Or notions buying!  Or even (sustainable as it is) buying second-hand from charity shops – I have enough potential restyles backed up to last me a lot longer than a month.
  • Buying birthday presents is OK, but not ‘little treats’ for myself / the house / Mr B.  That includes books / magazines (I’ll use the library).

I am giving myself 3 get-out-of-jail-free cards – basically, if I totally forgot to bring my lunch, I won’t go hungry for the day.  But the plan is not to use those unless I really have to.

I know all of this is a tiny drop in the ocean, but I’m interested to see if it changes my mindset longer-term – not needing that instant gratification of see-it-buy-it, but thoughtfully considering how and what I spend money on.  Planning my meals for the week should cut down on food wastage, and save money on M&S sandwiches.  Not buying new material means I’ll have to use up my stash.  And so on.  Here’s to May – see you on the other side!

6 thoughts on “A me-made (and minimally consumerist) May

  1. I like the way you think. In the back of my mind, Me-Made-May is going to be a stash busting MMM, if only because I can’t currently close the cupboard that my fabic stash is in! Plus a lot is on the spare bed, and my parents are coming to stay in 4 sleeps, so …

    • I think we often need to be forced to stashbust – I only get round to it when I absolutely have to! Hope you have a productive month.

  2. That’s a great plan and very responsible thinking. It’s really great to see more people thinking carefully about what they consume on every level. I’m looking forward to seeing how you style your month.

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