A dowager’s hump??!!

Big thanks to ReadyThreadSew, Claire and Louise for your advice on my massive shoulders problem.  Now I have another one – I googled “high round back sewing adjustments” and the article I hit was The Dowager’s Hump by Threads magazine. Dowager’s hump?  Now there’s a way to make a girl feel frumpy and insecure.  I’m checking the photos again…

…it’s not that bad, is it?  Honestly? I mean, my head’s a bit tilted forward, but that can’t be a hump…  man, now I need to sign up to Pilates or something for some posture reassurance.  Thanks a lot Threads. Really.

Let’s move on.  Button-holes!

First ever button-holes: a learning curve

In a not-quite-a-resolution sewing post, I said I’d face my fear of button-holes this year… secretly thinking, maybe June time.  And then the Sew Weekly sticks in ‘buttons’ as the theme for the second week of January!  I’d already signed up as a contributor for 2012, and though I won’t manage a project every single week, I really wanted to get started.

Not my brightest idea…as I wrote in my Sew Weekly post, the plan seemed loopier by the minute.  But I beat those buttons into submission in the end:

One challenge down, now must go sort out my dowager’s hump Truffle muslin for the next one.  Have a good weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “A dowager’s hump??!!

  1. Don’t you hate it – there is a dreadful name for every lump and bump or misshaped body part on the human body. . . whether they are there or not!!! You def. don’t have a dowagers hump…..

  2. I get that too. I made a New Look dress (not 6000, but sort of a 60’s style to it) that did this too. I ended up using the wrong size on top (16 instead of 14) and wondered if that had anything to do with it. I had to pinch out some darts under the underarms (and they don’t look like usual darts, in that they point towards my waist, but they work). In addition, though, I had this odd gaping in the back like you have there. It’s not that it looks bad (which it really doesn’t) but it will bother you; I know, I’ve been there. 🙂 I’m aiming to just remove the excess through taking in on the top by the zipper, but I’ve put it off because I’m worried it might ruin the line… And who thought of the name dowager’s hump anyway?? Ugh!

  3. Thanks Judith and Christina – you’ve reassured me I’m normal! I’ve done some tweaking around with dart and stuff, so hopefully will sort it. Weird how it’s so pronounced on just some patterns? I’m going to rename it ‘mysterious gaping’ rather than the ugly dowager’s hump…

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