A bit of button restyle

I picked this linen top up for 3.99 in a charity shop recently, on the appeal of the polo-mint embroidery.  Diana’s modelling it here, as that neckline is more revealing than it looks, finishing well below the average bra.  I guess it’s supposed to be a holiday top for throwing on over your bikini, but seeing as I a) never wear bikinis, and b) rarely go on a hot enough holiday to wander round in swimwear and a linen top, I wanted to make it a bit more wearable.

So, aside from the resizing adjustments at the side seams and darts, I stitched in a piece of fabric behind the V (usefully repurposed from cutting off the hem) and added on some self-covered buttons:

I’ve got a bit of a thing going on for self-covered buttons.  Honestly, if you’ve never tried them, give them a go… they’re easy easy easy and make everything look a little bit more fabulous.

I wore this for a boat trip up the Thames with Mr B’s family.  The reason I’m sitting inside?  We had about 10 minutes of sun followed by over an hour of solid rain. Sigh.  But hey, I felt simultaneously summery and nautical in my restyle, and Bobby’s Aunt brought a big box of food, happy days!  So I really don’t know why I’m pulling this face:

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