Too sleepy to sew

Just a quick post to say there’s a quiet spell here at Diana & Me. I had a big job interview yesterday, so the past week has been all about preparation for that, and no time for sewing.  Now I’m exhausted from the sheer effort of trying not to think about the outcome (plus the post-adrenaline and caffeine slump) so no Wednesday book review today.

I fully intend to get reacquainted with my sewing machine at the weekend, but until then here’s a little glimpse of my shoe project.  I’ve only finished one, but here she is:


PS. I’ve already picked out the title for next week’s book review, and it’s my first giveaway! Check back next week and see if you could give it a home…

2 thoughts on “Too sleepy to sew

    • Thanks Steph! No news yet, the waiting is driving me a bit crazy! Really close to being finished on the shoes 🙂

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