3 days to go

Birthdays are a Very Big Thing in my book.  Not so much the actual ageing part (I’m becoming increasingly vague about the numbers) but the focus on celebrating your own special day.  I always take the day off work unless something mega-important’s happening, so on Wednesday I’m off to the Savoy for lunch!  My other half planned it off the back of a comment I made months ago, but as he’s not so good at keeping secrets I’ve known about it for a while.  And I’m so excited!

Here’s the dilemma.  I definitely want to dress up a little, but instead of taking the sensible option (wearing a dress I’ve made previously), I’m all raring to make a brand new birthday dress.  I have the fabric, and picked up thread, zip and lining at the Walthamstow shopping frenzy yesterday…but the pattern’s still in the post.  Did I mention there’s only 3 days to go?!

Here’s the plan – fabric:

plus new Vogue pattern, V1223:

Am I being too ambitious?  Probably, yes.  But can I pull it off in the nick of time?  With my patience rapidly fraying?  And most importantly, will I like it in the end?

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  1. Hey all, thanks for the encouraging comments – the pattern finally arrived yesterday, and I am now sewing like a madwoman! Will post photos later…

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