What to wear to an MRI

What would you wear to an MRI scan?  It’s a hefty wardrobe conundrum – ‘no metal zips, fasteners, buttons, belts or buckles’.  Even those little studs on jeans are out!  Then, add dressing with a front-heavy bump.  On one of the hottest days of the year:

hot day

I think every blogger I follow has written at some point about having a wearable wardrobe (as have I).  Isn’t this one of the big aims of home sewing?  A situation arises, suddenly, with precise sartorial requirements.  And among our handmade items, there is Just The Thing.  Because we have sewed deliberately and diligently to: fill the gaps in our wardrobe / make a capsule collection / colour coordinate it / all in a range of lengths, fabrics, finishes.

I am pretty guilty of sewing new for every occasion.  Not just weddings, or big birthday cocktails (c’mon, that’s standard new dress territory) but average events – hey, a picnic in the park! or hey, Thursday night at Wetherspoons…

Which is why I forget I actually already have a lot of things I can wear.

In fact, I had a nightmare along these very lines a few weeks ago.  I was in my old old bedroom (a house we moved out of when I was 13) getting ready to go to a ball with Mr B.  I didn’t have any time to sew, so I checked my bulging wardrobe.  And it was full of hideous things I’d somehow made – like a denim pinafore with knotted nude tights for sleeves (not joking, my subconscious really came up with that).  I was more horrified by my bad taste than by having nothing to wear.  Almost had to check my real wardrobe when I woke up.

So a sudden MRI: One of the reasons this blog has been quiet for a few weeks is that medics have recently been scanning and rescanning our petite (small for dates) baby via ultrasound.  Now they want to have a higher resolution look.  I’m shattered and rather wobbly, but at the same time feeling safe and blessed with a whole bunch of immensely gracious people praying for us, and trusting that God is knitting this baby together just right.

deckchair dress July

And the wardrobe winner was: Vogue 8645, no zips, no buttons, no fastenings!  Another score for lazy sewing patterns.  Of course, in the event…

hospital gown 1

What do you wear to an MRI?  What they give you.

11 thoughts on “What to wear to an MRI

  1. Hi!
    Good luck to you and your little one. Hope all goes well. I love reading your blog – I really enjoyed making my own maternity clothes too. Take care. Caroline x

    • Thanks Sally 🙂 Took me ages to work out how to do the hospital robe – I think there’s a gap for a easier, more stylish update there!

  2. Knotted nude tights for sleeves? Blech! But how intriguing that your dream produced that…Thinking of you and hoping you get good words from the docs very soon!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, lovely people. The MRI came back looking normal, everything’s small but in proportion to baby’s head. So one less thing to worry about!

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  5. Hi, I’ve just found your blog and having a look through some posts. I just wanted to say how lovely it us to find someone in England, who sews things I like, who is young and also a Christian! And has a lively writing style too! There are tonnes of American blogs out there but you’re the first British one I’ve found like this! Thank you so much for not hiding your beliefs! Becky.

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