Finished at last!

Yes, my re-styled shoes are finally complete.  I suffered from the old roblem where the last 10% of the work takes longer than all the rest put together.  It’s as if my mind thinks that a mostly finished project will, in fact, finish itself.  But thankfully, the bank holiday weekend intervened and sorted everything out.

These pictures were taken in my parents’ back garden on gorgeously sunny Easter day.  I actually wore plain flats most of the day – looking at the photos now, I wonder if even the shirt and skirt combo was a bit too much print-mixing…?  (The skirt is in fact half of my outfit for the Sew Weekly sewing excursion, but at the moment it sits below my natural waistline, which I want to sort out – will post more about it after that.)

Anyhow, this was how I wore them the night before:

I posed for this shot in a pub beer garden at about 10.30 in the evening (still warm!)  That slightly gritted grin is because of a drunken group of lads to my left, who decided to comment in high-pitched ‘lady’ voices.  Oh, the things we bloggers have to put up with in the pursuit of worthy photos.

But even that couldn’t spoil how super chuffed I am with these shoes!

I’ve posted most of the steps involved in making these here: including the sticky-up ruffles at the back and the polka-dot heel sections.  Following on from there, I just added a long ruffle in a sort of semicircle round the heel to cover the edges of the other sections.  All it took was a lot of ribbon, fabric glue, pins and patience (and then more patience to clean all the gluey pins).

Why the glass of pink bubbly?  Well, beyond celebrating Easter, the sunshine, the shoes…. I got the job I was interviewed for a couple of weeks ago!  Cheers!  Went back to work today with a little spring in my step.

Today’s Outfit

Here’s what I wore to church this morning:

Yep that’s my magnolia skirt from last week, plus another recent project…

I found the jumper in a charity shop a month or so back, when it looked like this:

Check out those sleeves!  I looked like an American footballer in it.  There are no photos of me wearing it (that’s deliberate) but if there were, you’d literally be knocked out by the size of my shoulders.

So, I chopped off the sleeve edges, folded the excess under, and used a combination of straight and zigzag stitching to secure it in place.  Thing is, there’s still a tendency for the knit to unravel, and I’m not quite sure about my methods.  If it had been woven fabric, or even a close knit, I would’ve made armhole facings and sorted it that way… but how to manage this loose chunky stuff?

Has anyone else adapted knits like this?  How did you do it?